About Us

B2 Trading Group is a division of privately held RC Trading, LLC, a well-capitalized, growing proprietary trading firm located in Chicago. Our team includes a broad range of seasoned and dynamic young traders with a strong track record in futures and spread trading. We trade a diverse set of products that includes liquid futures contract in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and stocks, equity options, ETFs and fixed income government securities.

At B2, we are always looking for the next best thing, whether it’s new and cutting edge technology, strategy development or talent acquisition. We constantly seek out experienced traders who have a proven track record of past performance. We also have the talent and resources to train those new to the industry who demonstrate the analytical, quantitative and other skills conducive to becoming a successful trader. We have access to exchanges across the globe and outstanding 24-hour support/risk staff who understand the unique needs of traders. Our traders can operate out of our office in Chicago but enjoy the ability to work from anywhere. The firm’s strong capital position and emphasis on risk management enables those in our group to day trade and carry positions overnight.

B2 was founded by Fred Bowers, a veteran trader with more than three decades of experience.  He has been a member and floor trader at the CBOT, CME and Liffe, and an electronic trader for 17 years.

            Fred Bowers – Founder, B2 Trading

Fred began his career in 1985 at Rosenthal Collins Group. In 1994, he started the RCG Trading Group in London, where he built and ran the operation until Liffe went electronic in 2000.  Fred was one of the original investors and board members of MacFutures, one of the first off-floor all electronic trading operations.

He returned to Chicago in 2001 to join the fixed income team at Rosenthal Global Securities. Trading electronically for his own account for many years, Fred launched B2 Trading in the summer of 2016.